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Thank you for visiting your beautiful Nation's Capitol, Washington, DC. Congratulations for taking your first step in opening a new work from home business or financing an existing one. The Office of Personnel and Management has revealed over 2,200 jobs are lost each day across the United States. Now, this may not be your situation, but it is comforting to know that the government has an incentive program to help you start any type of work from home business you desire in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico. This work from home program offers government grants to start any type of business conceivable, plus low interest loans (some require no credit checks or credit history). Congress has set aside over $3 billion of your tax dollars for new business startups. The type of work from home business you start is limited only by your imagination (McDonald's Restaurant, Burger King, Repair Shops, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Weight Loss Nutrition Centers, Health Spas, Day Care Centers, Computer Retail, Wholesale or Related Services, Research, Real Estate, Car Wash, Cleaners, Billiard Parlor, Automotive Repair, Motel, Bike Shop), plus money for starting a business in high unemployment areas. Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca, and H. Ross Perot used this program to get where they are today.  work from home jobs

Our most recent work from home recipient, Mr. Bennett of California, received grants and loans totaling over $250,000.00 to start a Retail Business. Veronica Sutton of Philadelphia received $75,000.00 to start a Weight loss Company. Robert Goldstein received $50,000.00 to start a 24-Hour Day Care Center and the list goes on. Included absolutely free is a complete Business Starter Kit with all you need to start a work from home corporation, sole proprietorship, home business, or any type of work from home business entity.There is no room for error as fraudulent schemes have been isolated and obliterated. Only authentic opportunities are located in this program advertising profitable opportunities for good work. Training and skills enhancement are readily available. Thousands have been spent by our research department along with congressional studies to bring you only safe legitimate work programs. work from home jobs

The Work from Home Kit (actual forms included) is designed to guide a person, with little or no business or legal experience, through the required steps to legalize and run his/her own business. And, the Kit is especially useful to anyone who has a full-time job and just does not have extra time to run around picking up forms and gathering a great deal of information. Yes, attorneys use our Kit. Please indicate the state in which you wish to incorporate.

Even if you do not have a specific work from home business idea in mind as of yet, but you think you may want to start a work from home business sometime in the future, then this program is for you. It also includes over 50 How-to-Business Start-up Manuals, Business Plan Kit, Every Legitimate Work From Home Program available, accounting software and various software to start your business the same day you receive your kit. work from home jobs

Government Grants & Loans Incentive Program
Added Bonus: We incorporate your work from home business free of charge. Attorneys normally charge $45 to $2,000 with the medium being $400. However, you must pay your State fees whether an attorney assists you or not. work from home jobs

You need to incorporate if ...

  • You offer a product or service to the Public.
  • You have ownership in a business. work from home jobs
  • You need a means of lowering your tax bill.
  • You need to keep your personal assets safe, regardless of what happens to the corporation.

The first reason for incorporating is liability protection in case of a lawsuit. The second colossal advantage is to reduce your taxes. A private work from home corporation is one of the most powerful tax shelters one can have. Travel and meal expenses are deducted right off the top for corporations. You can establish pension profit sharing and stock option plans. With a work from home corporation life and health insurance, premiums may be deducted and you can even borrow from its retirement plan when cash is tight.

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